A Crash Course on Astronomy

A brief glimpse of the twinkling and shimmering wonders of the night sky is enough to trigger a deep interest in the field of astronomy. When the astronomy bug bites, you may find yourself wanting to see and discover more and to investigate the mysteries of the universe. Whether you’re a casual stargazer or intend …

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History of Astronomy

The night sky, with its twinkling stars and shimmering lights, has fascinated human beings for generations. Prehistoric man studied the night sky with the naked eye and used his observations for timekeeping, agriculture, and navigation. And from the dawn of civilization, human beings have sought to understand and predict how the universe works. In fact, …

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Are Aliens Real?

Do they exist? Look at these images and videos. Then judge for yourself. Super clear footage of UFO in Quebec I believe this was recorded in Oct of 2018. The footage is jumpy but gets really good just after two minutes. You can pause the YouTube video then press period “.” or comma “,” to …

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