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A little more about us

So far we’ve got the basics of telescopes and the Universe explained in detail that most beginners can understand.

See our solar system guide for details on what things you can find in our stellar backyard.

Curious about Astronomy vs Astrology? We were too, so we made it clear for the beginner to understand.

And if you’d like to learn about which telescopes let you see what objects and at what price, we’ve got that too.

Ever wonder if space aliens are real? Check out the photos and videos we’re compiled, then judge for yourself.

Other sites with great resources on space and astronomy are

  • Nasa is pretty well known and they seem to launch a lot of robots to mars and outerspace
  • Space Daily seems to be updated pretty often
  • SpaceWeather has information on meteor showers, asteroids and solar flares!

Do enjoy and more to come soon!