Astronomy Tips’s Guide to the Solar System

A digital art representation of the solar system

Welcome to our guide to the Solar System.  We’re constantly adding to our information about the planets and objects in the solar system.  Do enjoy!

The Sun, at the center of our solar system

Mercury, the Closest Planet to the Sun

Venus, the closest to planet to Earth but also the hottest

Earth, our home and the only confirmed planet supporting life

The Moon, Earth’s natural satalite

Mars, the mysterious Red Planet and second closest planet to Earth

The Asteroid Belt, Home to Most of the Asteroids in the Solar System

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system

Saturn, the ringed planet

Uranus, the Cold Tilted Gas Giant

Neptune, the farthest planet from the sun

Kuiper Belt, the Disc Shaped Region beyond Neptune

Eris, the largest dwarf planet and second most reflective body in the solar system

Oort Cloud, Source of Long-Period Comets

Sedna, the Coldest and Farthest Body in the Solar System

Comets, Interesting Solar System Bodies With Tails