Are Aliens Real?

Do they exist? Look at these images and videos. Then judge for yourself.

Super clear footage of UFO in Quebec

I believe this was recorded in Oct of 2018. The footage is jumpy but gets really good just after two minutes. You can pause the YouTube video then press period “.” or comma “,” to go forward or backward frame by frame.

And below are some still frames I snapped of the object recorded from the above video which just blow my mind.

The object seems to rotate over the course of the video from straight on edge to on its side so we can see the shape. What do you think it is, balloon, secret human tech or… alien?

At first the object appears sort of on edge.

It then begin to rotate so we can start to better see its shape.

Now we can see the object a little more clearly and it has some kind of U shape.

The surface material on the object appears to reflect sunlight in a strange way, could be some kind of engines or just how the camera picks it up.

Now we can see it fully rotated and has a sort of head or curved part on the upper right of the object.

Another shot just a little closer.

Another close up shot of the object. What’s also interesting is the surface material is very reflective in that it produces different colors and even some small points of light of green or turquoise color can be seen.

Mystery Wire UFO Photos

And these more recent photos of UFOs from Mystery Wire, which are now confirmed by the US government as authentic photos and that they don’t know what those UFOs are, may get you thinking too…

The Metallic Blimp

This one is my favorite of the Mystery Wire photos. Because is shows the object is reflecting light from the sun, coming from the left. It’s not a heat signature, or a black and white blob. It has depth, color and light reflection. Cool!

And also you can see there are two small orbs or possible extensions with little speheres near the top left and bottom right, see below:

The Acorn UFO

Looks like an acorn, right? Why not.

The Sphere

I have no idea what this one is… could just be a cloud?

The Transmedium Sphere

Apparently there were more of these spehres on radar surrounding the USS Omaha in 2019. This one was filmed with a thermal video camera, black spots being hotter, and then it disappears into the water.

The Pyramid

Multiple triangular or pyramid shaped UFOs flying over the USS Russell. These photos were taken with night vision camera.

The Rotating UFO and the Speedy UFO

The rotating UFO is just weird because and apparently there were a fleet of these things according to the first words the pilot says in the video.

The Tic-Tac Incident from 2004

David Fravor and another pilot, actually four people in total (two jets, two people per jet), claimed to have seen a ~40 foot white smooth tic tac shaped object, sort of like a big propane tank, hovering and bouncing around just above the waters surface back in 2004 off the coast of San Diego while on a training exercise.

David approached the object from above and it appeared to mimic his flying pattern by approach him from below. Meaning the object was aware of his jet. When the two got close the tic-tac object sped off at incredible speed and nearly instantly was tracked 60 miles away on radar by the ship David’s jet belonged to.

The Full 60 Minutes Special

A 13 minute 60 minutes episode detailing some of the above UFO photos and pilot reactions. I’ve watched this a few times and it’s a fun clip.