Astronomy Gifts for Space Lovers

Are you looking for the best gift for a space fan? You can’t go wrong with an astronomy themed gift. To help you find the perfect gift they will be over the moon about, we’ve curated a list of the best astronomy gifts for space lovers.

These gift ideas include both fun and inexpensive gifts, as well as functional items for the splurge worthy stargazer, planet watcher, or amateur astronomer in your life.

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What are the Best Astronomy Gifts for Space Lovers?

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Heat Changing Constellation Mug

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild heat reveal astronomy mug is a great gift for a stargazer or an astrology fan. Empty, the mug looks like an ordinary black mug with star decorations. The magic happens when you pour something hot in it – whether tea, coffee, cappuccino, or espresso. Upon exposure to heat, constellations appear on the mug.

Featured constellations include Cassiopeia, Perseus, Sagittarius, Hercules, Andromeda, Scorpius, Taurus, Ursa Major (Big Dipper), Ursa Minor (Little Dipper), Orion, Gemini. The mug itself is well made. And although not designed to throw in the dishwasher, it cleans easily by hand thanks to the smooth finish.

Space Playing Cards: Featuring Photos from the Archives of NASA

Does the astronomy nerd in your life enjoy a good game of cards as well? The Space Playing Cards make the perfect gift for them. Every time they enjoy their favorite card game, they will also be delving into deep space. They can play classic games like Solitaire and Hearts or come up with new Galaxy inspired card games.

They are a complete deck with 52 cards and 2 jokers and all the cards are decorated with stunning photos of astronomy phenomena from NASA archives. Even the backs of the cards are beautifully done with two Pantone colors. The cards come stowed in a durable Tim box.

Piece of Space – Real Iron Meteorite or Shooting Star

Nothing is sure to delight and fascinate a space lover than an out of this world gift. This Piece of Space is an authentic piece of space rock from a meteorite impact that happened in Campo del Cielo in Argentina, 5,000 years ago.

It comes complete with a certificate of authenticity where you can have the recipient’s name written to customize the gift. Everything comes wrapped in a nice cylindrical fabric roll. The piece of meteorite measures 8-12 mm.

2021 Night Sky Almanac: A Month-by-Month Guide to North America’s Skies

The night sky is not the same night after night. Each month presents new events to seek out and enjoy. The Night Sky Almanac introduces new astronomers to the different celestial objects such as comets, stars, and globular stars, offers valuable tips such as how to use a telescope, and outlines the cosmic events to look out for each month such as moon phases and star charts.

This makes it an ideal astronomy gift for both aspiring stargazers and experienced amateur astronomers. Your astronomer will know exactly what to expect in the night sky this year and plan their observations accordingly. It’s a pocket friendly soft cover guide so they can take it wherever their stargazing adventures take them. It’s written by Nicole Mortillaro and backed by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

LEGO Ideas International Space Station 21321 Building Kit

Any space fan is bound to be fascinated by the International Space Station (ISS). For a kid or adult who’s both a LEGO nerd and a space enthusiast, the LEGO Ideas International Space Station building kit is one of the coolest gifts you can give them. It’s composed of 864 pieces including rotating joints, movable solar panels, NASA space shuttle, 3 mini cargo spacecraft, and 2 astronaut micro figures.

As they have fun assembling the model, they will discover plenty of details about the real ISS. The end result is a magnificent display that will draw every eye and attract comments and inquiries. In addition, the kit comes with a 148-page booklet containing cool facts about the ISS.

How to Astronaut: An Insider’s Guide to Leaving Planet Earth

For an aspiring astronaut, the How to Astronaut: An Insider’s Guide to Leaving Planet Earth is a spot on gift. It offers an enlightening and humorous insight into what it’s really like to be an astronaut: the ups and downs of it all.

It’s written by Terry Virts, a NASA astronaut and International Space Station Commander. He displays a knack for writing in a way that makes one feel as if they are in a space shuttle riding shotgun on a trip to space. Even an adult space lover will find it enlightening and a pleasure to read.

Galaxy Themed Face Masks

Help the space nerd in your life protect themselves from the Coronavirus while expressing their love for all things space. Fashionable, unique and eye catching, these Galaxy themed face masks have proven to be a hit during the Covid 19 pandemic.

They include a blue galaxy mask, an outer space mask, a star mask, and an alien force mask. Made of multi-layer cotton material, they are of great quality, comfortable to wear, and reusable.

VGAzer Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp

The VGAzer Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp makes for a cool and functional gift for anyone with an interest in astronomy. Based on NASA Lunar images, the moon globe is a realistic 3D model of the moon complete with the craters on it’s surface.

It’s also capable of floating freely like the moon does in the sky and spinning in midair. It takes several attempts to get it to levitate right but the effort is worth it. The quality of both the moon and the base is great and you can turn the base light on or off with the moon.

LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V 92176 Outer Space Model Rocket Kit

Is the astronomy nerd in your life also a LEGO nerd? Then the LEGO ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V building kit is sure to be an absolute hit. It’s an incredibly popular and top rated space themed building kit. It entails building the iconic NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket that launched man on the moon.

The kit comes with a whooping 1969 pieces that include the three stages, the lander, the capsule, the orbiter, and three tiny astronauts. The finished model is one meter tall and makes for a spectacular display. A supplementary booklet with information about the Apollo mission is also included in the package.

Chef’s Vision Cosmos 6-Piece Kitchen Knife Set in Gift Box

For a giftee who’s into both space and cooking, you can’t go wrong with the Chef’s Vision Cosmos 6-Piece knife set. The set include a paring knife, a utility knife, a Santoku knife, a slicer knife, a bread knife a and a chef knife. Each knife features a images of a celestial phenomenon and the set comes with a booklet explaining the featured cosmic images.

Not only are the astro-graphics top notch but the quality and performance of the knives are pretty good. The blades are stainless steel and the handles are ergonomically designed. They come razor sharp right out of the box and have an allowance between the blade and the picture to allow for sharpening without ruining the images.

Sky-Watcher EvoStar 80 APO Doublet Refractor

For the astrophotographer who goes to great lengths to capture the perfect photos of celestial phenomena, the Sky-Watcher EvoStar 80 APO Doublet refractor telescope will enable them to capture breathtaking images right from their backyard.

It’s easy for even beginner celestial photographers to use and equipped with features that make it possible to capture crisp images of deep sky objects such as galaxies and nebular. For example, it features extra low dispersion glass, baffles in the optical tube to reduce stray light, and a dual-speed focuser.

Celestron NexStar 8SE Computerized Telescope

For the splurge worthy astronomy fan in your life, the Celestron NexStar 8SE telescope is sure to be appreciated and an incredibly value for money when it comes to astronomy telescopes. No matter their experience level, it’s beginner friendly yet large and powerful enough for intermediate amateur astronomers.

An 8 inch aperture offers enough light gathering capability to reveal the planets and all their spectacular detail. They will be able to view the moons of Jupiter and the cloud belts on the planet, make out the Cassini division on the rings of Saturn, and even the polar caps and dust storm on Mars.

Gosky 12×55 High Definition Monocular

Even for a stargazer who owns the most sophisticated telescope, the Gosky 12×55 monocular will come in handy when they need to have a quick look or need something they can take on the go.

It’s a high definition monocular with a 12x magnification power and a 55mm aperture featuring fully multi-Coated lens and BAK-4 Prism. With these kinds of specs, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best monoculars for astronomy and a great gift for an avid stargazer.

Visual Galaxy: The Ultimate Guide to the Milky Way and Beyond

How about gifting them an album of the universe? The Visual Galaxy Guide is the perfect coffee table book for a space fan. It’s packed with 350 awe-inspiring photographs and graphics of the universe including supernovae, star clusters, solar flares, black holes, planets and exo-planets.

As you can expect from National Geographic the images are gorgeous, the explanations clear, and the content up to date. Makes a great coffee table book and is also a great book to inspire an interest or career in astronomy in a child.

Ktdorns Planetary Fridge Magnets

To a lover of everything space, the Ktdorns planetary fridge Magnets are absolutely the best refrigerator magnets there is. They feature images of the planets in our solar system and some of the moons orbiting the planets. The aesthetics are beautiful and fascinating to look at and the magnets are sturdy with a good hold on the fridge.

Sock It To Me Men’s Space and Alien Socks

The Sock It To Me space and alien socks are ideal for a man who’s obsessed about aliens and UFOs or loves space in general. Featuring vibrant photos of astronomy objects, they combine necessity with their interest. They are high-quality and comfortable socks made of cotton, polyester, and spandex. They are sized to fit men’s shoe size 7-13.

4M 3427 Solar System Planetarium Model

The 4M solar system planetarium is one of the best astronomy gifts for kids. It’s a great way to introduce a child to the wonders of the solar system. Once assembled around the sun and painted, the planets and glow in the dark sparking the imagination of a young mind. The hands on experience is also the perfect way to teach kids about space. The model is on the small side and a great size to display on a compact dresser.

What to Give Someone Who Loves Astronomy?

Some great space and astronomy gifts include functional devices such as telescopes, binoculars, and monocular. You can also give them a cool astronomy themed gift such as a mug or a tumbler.

Is a Telescope a Good Gift?

Telescopes are great gift ideas for space and astronomy fans. Just take care to choose a high quality telescope that will provide a great viewing or astro-photography experience.

What Do You Buy Someone with a Telescope?

A telescope owner is sure to appreciate a gift that will enhance their observation experience. For example, you can give them a set of top-notch eyepieces or an observers guide for the current year.

That’s a Wrap

There you have the best astronomy gifts for space lovers. These are top rated gift ideas and the space theme makes them perfectly suited for astronomy lovers. Whether you’re looking for something cool and inexpensive or a functional gift that will enhance their experience, there’s something sure to delight the fan of the cosmos in your life.